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Liberty - Liberty (/ˈlɪbəti/ ( listen) LIB-er-tee), officially the Republic of Liberty, Is a small and sparsely populated country, with a population of around 300. It was founded in June 2018 by self-proclaimed "President for Life", His Majesty, Bobby Rizzo. So far, Bobby Rizzo is the first president of the Island, with his term beginning on the 18 June 2018 (National Day). The nation's patron saint is "Rizzo of Chicagolandia" (c.400-450 CE). The only official language of the nation is “Rizzo English” (Rizzo English: Lang’ish o’ Rizzo Favour), though standard English and its many dialects (American, British, etc.) are widely spoken. Most citizens are bilingual, and speak both Rizzo and Standard English.